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Matt Hall Racing

Matt is a third-generation pilot whose life in aviation has seen a first solo in gliders at the age of 15, military fighters, helicopters, aerobatics and immortalisation in the fastest motorsport on the planet.
He placed third in his world championship racing debut in 2009 becoming the first rookie in history to make it to the podium. He has since accumulated seven wins and 25 podiums. He was crowned world champion of the 2019 world series.
He is a former Wing Commander in the Royal Austr He is a highly credentialed and skilled fighter pilot with nearly 2000 F/A-18 Hornet hours, over 500 hours in the F-15 Strike Eagle (including combat), over 5000 hours in light aircraft.alian Air Force and combat veteran of Iraq with USAF medals for heroism under fire in his F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet, supporting troops on the ground.